Cherlock hotel

Chiangmai . 2019

The Cherlock hotel is located in the bustling area of Nimman, in Chiangmai, Thailand. This neighborhood of the second largest city in the country is renowned for being a business center, filled with trendy coffee shops and boutiques. It is a cluster of urban and dense streets that really differ from the provincial and green character of the calm town of Chiangmai. The concept of the project is to establish a strong contrast between the hotel atmosphere and the highly urbanized surrounding. All the process of design, from the largest to the smallest scale, tend to create a green oasis in town, an “Urban garden”.

The plan and materiality of the project were conceived with the landscape in mind. The gardens are as important as the architecture. The dense tropical vegetation blurs the shapes of buildings and creates moving shades and tones on the raw concrete walls. The architecture is to be perceived partially between the leaves. The benefit of these lush gardens is to protect buildings from the strong sun, to create privacy between the rooms and also to give guests the impression that they are in a space out of time, where they can rest before going out exploring the city. 

Photograph : Apinine Thassanopas

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