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Pavilion 330 

Pantang Studio x Republic Nanu
Chiangmai . 2015

    Under collaborate between Nanu Youttananukorn and Pantang Studio , we fill the space within Chiang Mai's Thapae East red steel park with a temporary bamboo pavilion. The symbiotic structure offers a new perspective on the bare red skeleton by allowing people to walk around on the unfinished steel structure. The pavilion emphasizes the importance of public space and was set up to be a meeting point, discussion space and open air cinema during Chiang Mai Design Week 2016. Made primarily from locally sourced bamboo, the raised platform uses the Nanu x Bamboo joinery system which allows designers, makers, builders & architects with little to no experience to build freely, relying on simple tools such as drill, saw & spanner. The connections between the poles are angle variable and when combined end-users are able to create their own structures for various purposes. The Nanu x Bamboo system aims to make use of the untapped potential of bamboo as construction material, previously demanding in terms of skill & cost.


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