Connector chair

Chiangmai . 2016

Anonymous chair exhibition

From our observation the majority of rounded armchair have been freeze in this current design for period of time. Due to its functionality and its “familiarity” characteristic, the chair was burying admiration in our memories. Therefore, “design” of this armchair is not our focal point, yet we questions of how to distributing these “Lanna’s armchair”.


Through study all of manufacturing processes and distributing cannel of current armchair. We choose to experiment connecting system between original parts of armchair with our connector system. The stainless steel connector was designed not to only support chair

structure, yet it must create knockdown ability to support distributing system.


On the other hand, connecters intentionally showed visible to audience. It’s appearance create harmonizes beauty between curved arm and itself. As a designer, the outcome gives us a chance to exchange new experience with local craftsman through common object. While for the user standpoint, the assembling system creates more participation between user and chair. Lastly, we hope that this “connector” system will encourage the distributing of Lanna’s armchair, so it will always sit and grow with us in the future.

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