Tonlé soap

Eleven magazine Cambodia design competition . 2016

Honourable mention

Nowadays, the main threat on the Tonlé Sap lake is the water pollution. It is directly link to health, ecologic or economic difficulties. Among the causes of pollution, the “Tonlé Soap project” focus on the "grey waters" problem. This dangerous kind of pollution is due to the use and release of chemical detergents (soap, toothpaste, washing powder...) directly into the lake.

To this problem, the project proposes a simple solution. The idea is a communal floating building that houses various functions (craft cooperative, research center, boutique...) in order to locally produce, use and promote bio-degradable detergents. The goal is to gradually replace the use of chemicals to protect the lake and its inhabitants.

The project hopes to launch a virtuous circle linking research, health and ecology to economic, social and educational benefits.

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